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Laser User Manual

Laser User’s Manual

Thank you for using ULTRALASERS lasers, please read the User Manual carefully before operating the lasers.

1.Safety Precautions

1-1. Please ensure the shell of the laser head is similar to room temperature before turning on, to prevent different temperatures that may be harmful to the laser device.

1-2. Laser beams are extremely dangerous, to ensure the safety of you and others, do not point the beam at one’s body or flammable objects. Do NOT point the beam directly at one’s eyes.

1-3. This product should be used in a dry, clean and static-free area. Avoid heat, damp and shock.

2. Installation Notices.

2-1. Please put the laser head and the power supply on a heat-proof surface. (e.g. metal board.)

2-2. This product has an air-cooled system, please ensure that there is 5cm ~ 10cm space between the laser head and an object, to avoid overheating.

2-3. When this product and other parts are placed inside the box, ensure that there is enough ventilation room, ensuring that air can flow freely in and out of the box.

2-4. If putting ventilation fan within the package, please ensure that the wind direction and the laser ventilation fan are in the same direction.

NOTE: It may lead to damages to the product if user does not follow above instuctions.

3. Operation

3-1. Connect the wires from the laser head to the power supply, and secure the screw.

3-2. Remove the sticker over the laser head. (To avoid the beam from harming others, before starting, a rather dark metal object should be placed in front of the laser head to absorb the beam.)

3-3. Plug in the power supply to the outlet.

3-4. Turn on the power switch; “Power” indication light should turn on.

3-5. Turn on the key switch; “Laser” indication light should light up in approx. ten seconds, laser will start operating; After ten minutes under room temperature, the product will operate stably. 

3-6. If indication “Alarm” lights up, turn off the product immediately by the power supply, let cool and restart; the product will operate stably.

3-7. When need to access to TTL and analog modulation, refer to "Modulation Instruction"

3-8. To turn off device: turn off the key switch, turn off the power supply, then pull the plug

3-9. Re-attach the sticker to the laser aperture.

4. Warranty

4-1. This product has a warranty of ONE year after the date of purchase.

4-2. Signs of destruction, self-repair, disobeying the instructions, broken in appearance or mismatch of records are NOT included in the warranty.

4-3. Service is only available within the warranty limit and by normal operation of the device.

Laser User's Manual (PDF)