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Beam Expander


A beam expander is an optical system designed to increase the diameter of a laser beam. In most cases, the term is taken to mean a telescope designed to take a small-diameter collimated beam input beam and produce a larger diameter collimated output beam, thus reducing the divergence of the beam. The beam expander consists of a negative input lens and a positive objective. The expansion factor is the ratio of the focal length of the two lenses.

*. Low power loss;
*. Precision laser machining: capable to provide a high power density focal spot;
*. Good output collimation;
*. Able to withstand laser power of more than 1000W;
*. Laser range finder: capable to provide a highly collimated beam;
*. Adjustable divergence angle of 18 to 32mrad with the variable beam expanders;
*. Combining with a spatial filter, able to modify laser power distribution;