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   As the new hi-tech products appeared in recent years, lasers are widely used in industrial, commercial, military, medical, scientific research and many other fields. Ultralasers Inc currently offers a variety of diode pumped solid state(DPSS) lasers, diode laser modules, as well as several models of hand held lasers. The wavelength ranges from 266nm to 1064nm.
  The lasers with high power stability, or with low noise, can meet the demands of various kinds of applications, and several models of single mode lasers are also available for research and other applications. With the advanced technical specifications, the exquisite design and the most reasonable price, our products have become the professional choice for customers.
   All Ultralasers laser products, are designed for wide voltage range, and have passed CE, RoHS and FDA authentication, can be used safely in most of countries all over the world.

>> Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) Lasers
>> Collimated Diode Lasers
>> Single Frequency Lasers
>> Low Noise Lasers
>> Q-Switched Lasers