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200mW 808nm Low Noise Laser


Price: US$1000.00

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*** The lead time for this product is 3~4 weeks after receipt of order. ***

 Wavelength (nm)  808 (+/-3nm)
 Output Power (mW)  >200
 Input Voltage (V)  AC 90~264
 Operating Mode  CW
 Transverse Mode  Near TE00
 Noise of amplitude (rms, 1~20MHz)  <1%
 Warm-up time (minutes)  <5
 M2 factor  <20
 Beam divergence, full angle (mrad)  <3.0
 Dimensions of beam at Aperture (mm)  ~5 x 8
 Power Stability (RMS/4 hrs)  <1%, <3%, <5%, optional
 Operating Temperature (℃)  10~35
 Polarization Ratio  >50:1
 Pointing stability after warm-up (mrad) <0.05
 Expected Lifetime (hours)  10,000
 Warranty Period  1 year

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*. The standard power supply is PSU-III-FDA or PSU-III-OEM
*. For PSU-III-LED power supply, extra money will be charged.            

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