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SMA905 Fiber Coupler (UL20)


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***. Apply to: DHOM-L series lasers. ***

These Fiber Couplers are designed to connect onto the end of a SMA905 connector and contain an aspheric lens. The distance between the aspheric lens and the tip of the SMA-terminated fiber can be adjusted to compensate for focal length changes or to recollimate the beam at the wavelength and distance of interest.

 Fiber Coupling Efficiency

 Laser Type
SM Fiber
MM Fiber
MM Fiber
MM Fiber
MM Fiber
 DPSS Laser   TEM00 >35% >65% >70% >75% >85%
 Multi Mode >20% >60% >70% >75% >85%
 Diode Laser   TEM00 >30% >60% >70% >75% >85%
 Multi Mode Low >30% >60% >70% >80%






*. For MM fiber, only SMA905 type connector is available 


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